After years of losing and regaining weight, I was determined to find a permanent solution that would keep those extra pounds at bay as I entered the perimenopausal years. Gail’s approach is subtle and supportive. She has the ability to see through obstacles and find practical solutions that work for real women. Switching to a power breakfast that would sustain me through an intensive workout, or learning to manage stress by removing access to trigger foods and shifting writing projects out of the kitchen combat zone were just a few of many hands-on strategies that yielded positive results.

West Bloomfield, Michigan

  At age 60 I’ve tried every diet to lose weight (from acupuncture, to hypnosis to diet groups, about 20 times, and more). There’s not much I haven’t done. Finally, I just decided that I’d be overweight forever. Then I heard about Gail. She talks to you to understand your lifestyle and your personality. Together you devise a program that works!

Detroit, Michigan
Gail has figured out a way to condense weight control and a healthy life style into a practical and sensible approach. She works with you and tailors a program this is “do-able” with your likes and dislikes. Her incremental approach is easy to follow until one gets into the rhythm. She has changed my life.

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  Gail has made me aware of how constructive eating is changing my approach. I can see living like this for a lifetime. I can now say I am not a fast eater.

Birmingham, Michigan

Gail has helped me to regain control of my eating habits. She helped me to identify foods that trigger hunger and together we created a plan that fit my lifestyle. She has taught me how to manage food in my everyday life. Her one-on-one approach and her encouragement, enthusiasm, and support have been instrumental to my weight loss success!!

Farmington Hills, Michigan
  Wonderful restaurant suggestions; I love the recipes, so easy. Also great exercise suggestions for traveling.

Oakland County, Michigan
I learned from my first visit with Gail that 75% of my problem was exercise related. I thought I exercised enough. She has helped me incorporate exercise into my daily living as well as on vacations. I love the 10 minute exercise opportunity concept.

Metro Detroit, Michigan