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Healthy Ways Nutrition Counseling provides personalized nutrition counseling with Registered Dietitians in Oakland County, Wayne County, and Metro Detroit. All appointments are private and individualized to the client’s goals and medical needs. My goal is to match your biological clock and lifestyle to a personalized eating plan that is right for you. No two clients of mine are on the same eating plan because I match the times they are hungry with the foods they need and enjoy. My advice is always professional, sensible, and practical, because I create eating plans based on foods that are found easily in grocery stores and restaurants.
By evaluating your age, goals, health, eating habits and medical needs, I will design a unique eating plan that will keep you satisfied and motivated too. The first visit lasts 80 minutes ($240). The client will leave with an individualized food plan including three to four sample breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner menu ideas. Some clients are on three meals per day, while others will be three meals and snacks. The meals are balanced to provide optimal nutrition, including protein, healthy fats, and fiber to prevent carbohydrate cravings.
The next two visits are 40 minutes ($120) in length. You can schedule your visits weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. During these visits, the menu plan is expanded. For those that cook, I have lots of easy-to-prepare recipes to share. We will also address exercise needs and challenging strategies to keep you on track. I also discuss changing unhealthy eating behaviors such as skipping meals, late night snacking, and standing while eating, to list just a few. I teach my clients how to navigate their way among buffets, parties, and other important social events.

Follow-up sessions are 20 minutes ($60) and focus on making the behavioral changes permanent. At each visit, we review your food diary or eating behavior goals, check your weight, and deal with weekly events, seasonal changes, or shifts in work schedule. Clients come for as many sessions as they need.