Extensive experience with TV, radio, and newspapers – known by reporters.
A “natural” in front of the camera: petite and energetic!
Great credentials - Registered Dietitian & Master’s Degree in Nutrition
Media savvy, delivers the key message & communicates with visuals
Passionate about nutrition and it shows
Motivating Speaker to both large and small groups
Cooking and exercise demonstrations

“In all my years of producing live newscasts; I have yet to work with someone who is better at providing more straight-to-the-point health information than Gail does. She is credible, with a pedigree of experience and education, but what makes her so special is the way in which she communicates important nutrition tips. She has a nice way of breaking it down for the everyday viewer. Gail’s comfortable demeanor in front of the camera conveys a very positive ‘I think I can’ attitude through the lens."
Dennis Kraniak, Producer Fox-2 News - Detroit, MI
"Gail has consistently provided GLACÉAU® with an impressive level of nutritional expertise. Along with her knowledge comes great dedication, professionalism and high-energy. We’re lucky to have her as an extension of our team."
Jessica Wolff, Communications Manager - New York, NY
"Gail...one of the best nutritionists I have interviewed in years...so smart, articulate, and sharp on the air."
Julie Isphording, Radio Talk Show Host 55KRC - Cincinnati, OH