Female, Fat and Frustrated (F, F, & F) is a new book for the real woman who doesn't have a personal trainer coming to her house, who doesn't go to Canyon Ranch regularly, who doesn't have her own chef who prepares special meals.
You know who she is.

She's juggling career and family while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

And she's underserved by the hundreds of nutrition and diet “textbooks” which promote the latest fad in dieting and ultimately do not accomplish anything for this nutritionally challenged woman.
F, F, & F does it differently. Renowned Detroit area dietitian, Gail Posner has collaborated with Leslie R. Dreispan Cohen, an award-winning journalist and speechwriter to develop a unique book which will become a lifestyle bible for this target group. Both Gail and Leslie are passionate about this critical issue and believe this book will bring an evolutionary approach to an ever increasing and confusing problem.

How do we do it differently?

F, F, & F is a readable, humorous, actionable, inspiring book that will motivate women for whom traditional dieting just doesn't work. There are millions of these women out there Are you one of them?
F, F, & F highlights easy hands-on recipes and offers practical solutions for the genuine needs of women: for dating and dining out, for women who travel, form women with active children and teenagers. Our book based on the Healthy Ways Nutrition Plan links nutrition, realistic weight loss, fitness, metabolism, psychological behaviors, and healthy cooking techniques.
What makes F, F, & F unique is that our book is targeted and designed exclusively for women. We emphasize such key themes as healthy nutrition and individualized eating plans; dining out techniques; quality exercise and varied physical activity; strategies for different eating behavior issues; stress management and relaxation hints; skills for healthy cooking and food shopping. Many diet and weight loss books are extremely weak on current nutritional information - even those written by MD's and personal trainers. They're not registered dietitians!
F, F, & F has a humorous slant that doesn't offend women and might just get them motivated to stay off the couch and out of the kitchen for awhile. Readers will also have the freedom to pick and choose among different eating behaviors to work on while focusing on long-term lifestyle changes.
What makes F, F, & F stand out is that our message is written with a woman's voice and heart. Readers will follow the reflective accounts of three different women of varied ages who have battled weight problems in unique and creative ways. They will learn from their triumphs and setbacks on the road back to health and balanced living. Their experiences are brutally honest and poignant. It is our sincere hope that by sharing their personal journeys, other women will find the courage to seek healthier, more vital lives.